For a town that sits with a resident population of just under 9,000, it sure is nice to know those people are being well fed when it comes to delicious goods made locally.

The Wānaka Artisan Market held every Thursday is a big drawcard for both locals and those passing through, and is one of only a few markets around the country to take place every week of the year. Find breads, bakery items, probiotic drinks and fermented foods here (to name a few), and if you’re not in town on a Thursday, never fear - you can find plenty of the same Wānaka goods at retailers in the area too. 

Proud of their little town, Wānaka goods makers are proudly supported by the hospitality scenet oo, and you’ll likely find plenty of café cabinet items have come from makers just across the lake. And in a town where everyone knows everyone, it’s neat to see the support for the little businesses making things happen.

Grab a gelato from a business that churns fresh ingredients daily, or head out to the back streets to find yourself in wine country where vineyards double as tasting rooms and art spaces. Whatever you do, make sure you leave some luggage space for a haul of Wānaka goods before you go - these products make sweet gifts or look fab on your pantry shelves.

Pinnacle Pints in Wānaka: Where Craft Beer Meets Mountain Peaks

People dining inside Rhyme x Reason.
Wānaka craft beer, mountain scenery and outdoor activities meet to create a community of followers who thirst for adventure.

Pembroke Wines & Spirits

Life is too short to drink bad wine sign at Pembroke Wines & Spirits, Wānaka.
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Pembroke Wines & Spirits is a boutique bottle shop that delivers more than you thought you ever needed.

Freshlink Grocer

The interior of Freshlink Grocer where there is a costumer walking around shopping.
Place Wānaka
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This whole-food store and knowledge hub has a genuinely wholesome focus on slow food, championing minimal to zero processing and local growers and producers.

Hāwea Store & Kitchen

Exterior view of Hawea Store & Kitchen.
Place Wānaka
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A community hub that combines a grocer, café, restaurant and bar overlooking the lake.

Pembroke Pâtisserie

Female staff member behind the counter at Pembroke Pâtisserie, Wānaka.
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Pembroke Pâtisserie offers hot pastries for your picnic, sweet pastries galore, or for those who like the finer things in life there are artistically prepared macarons and tiny tarts.

Black Peak Gelato

Looking into the glass gelato case where a worker is scooping gelato into a waffle cone.
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With the cheery motto ‘handcrafted happiness,’ Black Peak makes sure gelato treats are nothing short of exceptional.

Cardrona Distillery

A distillery tour taking place.
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Stop by for a tour and tasting session at Cardrona Distillery and set your eyes on the magnificent copper stills responsible for turning grain into spirits.