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33 Capell Avenue, Lake Hāwea

03-443 1696

The breathtaking vistas of Hawea’s remarkable peaks and alpine lakes are no doubt delightful, but they’re not the only thing making this slice of paradise a very special place. The neighbourhood is home to a tight-knit community that has been recognised as Wanaka’s food bowl since the country’s earliest days – and at its beating heart is Hawea Store & Kitchen.

When Saliz, the old grocery store, restaurant and bar, went on the market in 2016, Hamish and Erica jumped at the opportunity to continue the store’s legacy. The couple relaunched Hawea Store & Kitchen in the Spring of 2019, with a vision to preserve its history while bringing in their own food philosophy and international flair. One thing was clear from the start – this was going to be a space that was all about looking after the locals.

The downstairs collective includes a cafe supplying Laffare Coffee, takeaway joint, grocery store, post office and information centre. But we’re mostly here to talk about the food story unfolding on the next level. Inspired by Hamish’s time as a chef in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, clean and fresh dishes like beautifully fragrant Lemongrass and Ginger Salmon Broth grace the restaurant’s tables. GardenFoodz, Te Mana Lamb, and Alpine Group Venison are just some of the Southern Lakes’ best championed on the menu. In keeping with the local theme, Rhyme and Reason craft beers are available on tap and bottles of wine from nearby vineyards of Maude and Maori sit pretty on the shelves.

Take a good look around and admire the stunning interior redesign led by local Olivia Macfarlane. Old and new materials reflect the colours, shapes and skylines of  Hawea’s landscape. Reused Rimu and salvaged timber from Christchurch, the repurposed door of an old jailhouse in Cromwell, high beams and plenty of antique items evoke plenty of nostalgia and a fireplace, assortment of books and cushiony seating along the wall work in harmony to make you feel right at home.

We’re racking our brains to think of an occasion we wouldn’t want to spend with Hawea Store & Kitchen. After all, it’s cosy and warm by a roaring fire in winter, refreshing on the outdoor patio in summer, and if there’s a special celebration going down in the community, whether a birthday, wedding or anniversary, you can count on Hawea having something to do with the party antics.

Words by Maggie Worthington & Photography by Nancy Zhou

33 Capell Avenue, Lake Hāwea

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