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Lovers of sport, great food and wine are all part of a population of people who have a palpable sense of loyalty to their city, and with plenty to be proud of it’s no wonder they have made it home.

A hand holding a coffee.

The neatest things to see, eat and do.

Join the growing throngs of visitors who know Hamilton is much more than meets the eye. A place where quirky cafés and world-class eateries are popping up in every alley, it’s worth taking the time to explore.


As the sun rises you best get yourself dressed and out the door, Hamilton’s finest breakfast spots are calling…


Take a break from the city centre and head on out to the up and coming star suburb Hamilton East, where you’ll find everything from vintage clothes to very good espresso.

Duck Island & Hamilton Gardens

It’s lucky there’s no such thing as being too full for ice cream, because just down the road is Hamilton’s best icy treat store. Duck Island has grown quickly to smashing success and are renowned for their imaginative flavours including Boysenberry Cheesecake, Sweetcorn + Blueberry Jam and Banana Brûlée + Ginger Caramel Swirl.

It’s always nice to wander while you contemplate not getting ice cream on your fingers, so meander on down to Hamilton Gardens which have been sitting pretty since 1960. The ‘Paradise collection’ of international gardens is a favourite among visitors, and feels like a trip through five countries in an afternoon.

A woman eating ice cream outside the ice cream shop.


If an afternoon pick-me-up is in order, then Hamilton continues to provide the goods. Spend the later part of the day ticking off those earlier town sights you missed in the morning.


In a city reluctant to go to sleep, you need only visit one of these evening establishments to see why locals choose to stay up late.

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