Mon - Fri 7.00am - 2.30pm; Sat & Sun 8.00am - 2.30pm

24a Spring Street, Freemans Bay

027 288 0047

All neighbourhoods are better for a good local, and a fine example of what a good local should be is the ever-popular Freemans Bay eatery, Queenies. Queenies describes itself as serving all manner of refreshments, and it does a royal job of that.

Housed in a sweet old white and green villa-esque building, draped with rather whimsical vines, Queenies boasts itself as a truly inviting spot for morning coffee and midday lunch. Inside is equally as inviting – it’s all pink and green, a cosy booth seat offering prime vantage for viewing the neighbourhood’s happenings and, in keeping with the name, a quirky assortment of all things Queen Elizabeth II.

Food offerings are particularly notable, especially for a suburban eatery. The kedgeree is a modern take on an old favourite, and with free range eggs, chicken and pork, a focus on seasonal ingredients, impressive Bloody Mary’s and Bellinis, excellent coffee and plenty of space for people to sit outside while they drink their morning coffee, Queenies covers all the bases. It doesn’t really miss a beat. Queen Elizabeth would likely approve.

Words by Grace Hall & Photography by Naomi Haussmann

24a Spring Street, Freemans Bay

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