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35c Surrey Crescent, Grey Lynn

09-378 9100

A fixture in Grey Lynn for over ten years, JetSetBohemian provides Auckland with kooky cool clothing, jewellery and accessories sourced from all over the world. Pink feather boa jackets are teamed with basketball singlets and lupus chunky necklaces, vintage sequin peacock dresses hang like art from the roof and the place smells like a fortune teller’s den.

Not only is the spot enchanting, it is also affordable. Pick up a leather jacket for less than $350, or a one-off silk dress from the sale bin for $15, and wear it every season for five years until it falls apart. That’s the other thing about JetSetBohemian – nothing is overly on trend, everything is unique and nothing will ever go out of fashion, and all you’ve got to do is make sure you’re confident enough to pull it off. All the clothing is hand-sourced, designed or collected by owner and creator Kirsten who is a regular fixture in the store too.

JetSetBohemian has also recently launched its online store for those of you who want your fix from out of Auckland. The website features a brilliant blog of inspiring images, editorials and photo shoots made to make you swoon.

Words by Isabella Van Heusden & Photography by Josh Griggs

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35c Surrey Crescent, Grey Lynn

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