Vetro Mediterranean Foods + Revolver Espresso

A man browsing inside the store.
Place Rotorua
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Anything from olives to oils to canned goods and specialty wines, Vetro is a grocer with a point of difference.

McLeods Booksellers

Close up of cookbooks on a table.
Place Rotorua

An independent, family owned bookshop in the heart of Rotorua, celebrating over 75 years in the biz.

ahu boutique

Jewellery on display on a table inside the store.
Place Rotorua

A clear Māori influence means the pieces at ahu boutique are stunningly unique.

Portico Gallery

A woman working behind counter.
Place Rotorua

A framing shop and photo gallery all in one, it’s no wonder Portico Gallery makes for a popular spot.

The Living Room Collective

A whicker chair.
Place Rotorua

Leather, wood, wool and glass - the materials on display at The Living Room Collective are enough alone to get your DIY knees shaking.