Stay & Explore

A gem of a place for those that love the outdoors, there really are options aplenty when it comes to things to do in Rotorua. From the huge mountain biking community who love the rush of the specialised tracks around the region, to those who prefer the milder side of adventure and will happily explore the geothermal areas for hours, Rotorua see and do opportunities cater to all sorts of personalities.

Things to do in Rotorua also include checking out the amazingly impressive galleries about the town showcasing Māori arts and contemporary crafts from around New Zealand, and if you’d like to do that from the comfort of a cafe then Rotorua offers that option too. Get up high and visit the eateries (and the luge!) at the top of the gondola for a classic Rotorua see and do excursion, and make sure to spend time wandering the night markets and the infamous Eat Streat where nighttime eating and drinking takes off.