Those expecting small town coffee in Rotorua have got another thing coming, as Rotorua cafes certainly deserve their place on the map.

A popular tourist spot throughout the year means cafes in Rotorua are well practiced at frothing milk for a cappuccino and whipping up the perfect cheese scone for those passing through. Combining comfort and cosiness with clever cooking, expect to feel right at home in cafes in Rotorua, where good food and coffee is just part of the everyday offerings.

Whether you’re after small-town vibes or something a little more fancy, Rotorua cafes have plenty to offer in either camp, and it pays to keep an eye out for local roasted coffee beans by Revolver Espresso too.

From Filled Cronuts to Fresh Fare, Here's Your Guide to Rotorua's Foodie Scene

Syrup being poured onto a plate of brunch.
Whether you’re short on time or you’re just eager to go straight to the best, keep scrolling to find out where to eat and what to order in Rotorua.

Vetro Mediterranean Foods + Revolver Espresso

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Anything from olives to oils to canned goods and specialty wines, Vetro is a grocer with a point of difference.


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As the name suggests, this restaurant and café has somewhat of a magic touch to it.

Arts Village Café

The interior of Arts Village cafe.
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Sharing a space with the Arts Village means even though this spot serves great coffee and food, it is also a show-off point for local artists whose pieces line the walls.

Okere Falls Store

The outdoor seating area.
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Okere Falls Store team are big on walking the talk when it comes to giving our environment a helping hand.

Zippy Central Café

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Fast-paced and a stone’s throw from the town centre, this local favourite café certainly lives up to its name.

Artisan Café

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An easy-going eatery that is deservedly proud of its authentic approach to good food, good coffee and good service.

Ciabatta Café and Bakery

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Come early enough and you’ll be privy to the glorious sight of fresh pastries being wheeled out of the kitchen and into the display cabinet.