Discover Rotorua's best places to eat, drink, shop, and more with our guide.

Bubbling mud pools, impressive forests, and a township deservedly proud of its Māori heritage makes Rotorua a hot spot (quite literally) for visitors passing through.

With a landscape like Rotorua's, it would be rude not to make the most of it, so those who visit are often found on the mountain bike trails, luge, gondola, or even white water rafting.

When it comes time to rest the body, it’s easy to agree that Rotorua really does come out on top thanks to the mind-boggling array of natural geothermal pools. Take a wander around the lake itself and see the magic that lies below the surface, then sink into one of the many local hot pools and feel any big city worries just slide away.

Tourism has always played a big part in Rotorua’s history. The city's famed pink and white terraces (considered one of the eight wonders of the world), impressed visitors back in the 19th century before they were destroyed by the Mount Tarawera eruption.

12 Hours Rotorua

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The best things to see, eat and do in Rotorua

From Filled Cronuts to Fresh Fare, Here's Your Guide to Rotorua's Foodie Scene

Syrup being poured onto a plate of brunch.

Whether you’re short on time or you’re just eager to go straight to the best, keep scrolling to find out where to eat and what to order in Rotorua.

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A waitress holding a bowl of food.
Place Rotorua Editor's Pick
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Bowls of hot sticky rice, thick udon noodles and hot miso broth sound like your kind of thing? Then you best get yourself down to Yamoto.

Vetro Mediterranean Foods + Revolver Espresso

A man browsing inside the store.
Place Rotorua
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Anything from olives to oils to canned goods and specialty wines, Vetro is a grocer with a point of difference.

Atticus Finch

Diners outside Atticus Finch.
Place Rotorua
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With a menu designed to share, it pays to come here with a kind-hearted group, who won’t mind you digging your fork into a dish on their side of the table.

ahu boutique

Jewellery on display on a table inside the store.
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A clear Māori influence means the pieces at ahu boutique are stunningly unique.

McLeods Booksellers

Close up of cookbooks on a table.
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An independent, family owned bookshop in the heart of Rotorua, celebrating over 75 years in the biz.


Beer being poured into a glass.
Place Rotorua
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Loaded fries, pizzas, burgers, fish and chips and rump steak, the best advice we can give you is to come to Brew bar hungry.

The Living Room Collective

A whicker chair.
Place Rotorua
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Leather, wood, wool and glass - the materials on display at The Living Room Collective are enough alone to get your DIY knees shaking.

The Vnam Kitchen

The interior of the Vnam restaurant.
Place Rotorua
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Vietnamese food lovers, Rotorua has the place for you.

New Zealand Māori Arts and Crafts Institute

A woman weaving at a table.
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The artistic heart of Rotorua.

Ciabatta Café and Bakery

Close up of bread rolls in the counter display.
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Come early enough and you’ll be privy to the glorious sight of fresh pastries being wheeled out of the kitchen and into the display cabinet.

Stratosfare Restaurant

Close up of salads.
Place Rotorua
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Get your hungry self to this brilliant eatery, leagues above when it comes to the Rotorua dining scene (both metaphorically and literally).

The Wall and Basement Cinema

Close up of two girls climbing.
Place Rotorua
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The music is loud, the staff are laid-back, and once you’re done climbing you can sit back and enjoy an alternative ‘indie’ film in the comfy theatre.


Bench seating outside the cafe and restaurant.
Place Rotorua
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As the name suggests, this restaurant and café has somewhat of a magic touch to it.

Arts Village Café

The interior of Arts Village cafe.
Place Rotorua
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Sharing a space with the Arts Village means even though this spot serves great coffee and food, it is also a show-off point for local artists whose pieces line the walls.

Okere Falls Store

The outdoor seating area.
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Okere Falls Store team are big on walking the talk when it comes to giving our environment a helping hand.

Terrace Kitchen

Food on a table.
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Only open for private events, this place has food at the heart of its ethos, and thanks to the talents of some super-experienced chefs you can expect some exceptional...