Art on plinths n Rotorua's town centre.

Discover Rotorua's best places to eat, drink, shop, and more with our guide.

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12 Hour
Rotorua City Itinerary

A barista making coffee.
The best things to see, eat and do in Rotorua

Where to get Down with Donuts

A tray of doughnuts from Baked.

Doughnuts or donuts--who really cares? We've rounded up the best doughy deliciousness you can find in NZ.

From Loaded Donuts to Fresh Fare, Here's Your Guide to Rotorua's Foodie Scene

A donut on a table.

Whether you’re short on time or you’re just eager to go straight to the best, keep scrolling to find out where to eat and what to order in Rotorua.

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Bench seating outside the cafe and restaurant.
Place Rotorua
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As the name suggests, this restaurant and café has somewhat of a magic touch to it.

Atticus Finch

Diners outside Atticus Finch.
Place Rotorua
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With a menu designed to share, it pays to come here with a kind-hearted group, who won’t mind you digging your fork into a dish on their side of the table.


Beer being poured into a glass.
Place Rotorua
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Loaded fries, pizzas, burgers, fish and chips and rump steak, the best advice we can give you is to come to Brew bar hungry.

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Terrace Kitchen

Food on a table.
Place Rotorua
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Like all good eateries, this place has food at the heart of its ethos, and thanks to the talents of some super experienced chefs, you can expect some exceptional kai on the...


A waitress holding a bowl of food.
Place Rotorua
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Bowls of hot sticky rice, thick udon noodles and hot miso broth sound like your kind of thing? Then you best get yourself down to Yamoto.

Eat Streat

People walking under purple lights at Eat Streat in Rotorua.
Place Rotorua
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Ever-changing fluorescent lighting and activity from hungry wanderers make this bustling inner-city food alley a go-to spot for locals and tourists alike.

Social Club

People dining inside Social Club.
Place Rotorua
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Social in name and character, this eatery is a bright and vibrant place to park up with a group of friends any time of the day.