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1148 Pukuatua Street

07-348 5388

There’s plenty of history in the walls at McLeods Booksellers, and that’s because the business has been about in various forms since 1896 when Rotorua was a much smaller township. As the population has grown and changed, so too has this historic book shop, but their dedication to great quality literature remains at the forefront of their locally-owned business. Selling everything from fiction, through to sports, music, arts and recipe books, McLeods Booksellers appeals for the sheer magnitude of books on offer, as well as the top-rate customer service from people who really get the love of reading.

What is it that makes book hops so tranquil? It’s hard to say, but we’re certainly not complaining. At any given moment there’s customers here quietly going about their business of flipping through magazines, reading the blurbs on the latest fiction books, or talking with the well-read staff about what’s hot on the favourites shelf this week. There’s a neat selection of books in Te Reo in the children’s section, as well as plenty of New Zealand history for the adults, making this Rotorua bookshop feel rightly aware of its town’s heritage. Renowned for its wide selection of Māori books, you’ll often find curious visitors coming with exactly that in mind, and they’re not likely to be disappointed. There’s notebooks and journals, cards and wrapping paper, and the books here are laid out so beautifully it’s impossible not to pick them up straight away.

Whether you’ve been a reader for life, or you’re just starting out, there’s no doubt that walking into beautiful McLeods Booksellers will instill a love for literature that will see you coming back time and time again.

Words by Rosie Morrison & Photography by Anna Briggs

1148 Pukuatua Street

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