Tour Your Tastebuds Around Wānaka's Flourishing Food and Drink Scene

A staff member holding tray of freshly baked pastries.

Wānaka is full of local food and drink entrepreneurs ready to bring you the region’s bounty.

Words by: Sophie Morris

Photography by: Nancy Zhou & Supplied

Wānaka is home to some of the most rugged landscapes in the world. Not only that, it is a land of extremes, being both the coldest, driest place in New Zealand in winter and one of the hottest spots in summer. This might sound challenging to most, but have you ever heard of a Southern can-do attitude?

Wānaka is also home to an array of clever and innovative individuals and businesses growing and producing some seriously good stuff. From honey mead and single-malt gin to flaky French pastries and preserved Central Otago fruit, here’s our guide to help you happily eat and drink your way through wonderful Wānaka. 

Augustines of Central

Augustines of Central is a boutique preserving company based in Central Otago. Started in grassroots style by owner Gus, Augustines takes the best fruit from the region and cooks it in small batches to create delicious preserves. The delectable range includes Black Doris plums in pinot noir (designed for a lovely insta-dessert or addition to baking) and rhubarb in rosé (perfect for a boujee crumble), as well as favourites such as quince paste (crafted from spray-free Central Otago quince) and tasty chutneys. 

Breweries –, Rhyme x Reason and Ground Up


The small town of Wānaka is home to a thriving craft beer scene, with a number of great breweries serving up the best of all things hop-related. Here are three notable drinking holes worth a visit. is a neighbourly bar, restaurant and brewery, serving up delicious craft beer with a great outdoor area for a deep and meaningful with a mate. Rhyme x Reason is a small brewery and bar with a low-key buzz and delicious tasting paddles, and just a stone’s throw away you will find Ground Up, a brewery on a mission to make beer for the bold with its booming brewery and taproom. With good vibes and good drinks all around, they’re your go-to for a locally made, refreshing brew.

Pembroke Pâtisserie

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20 Alison Avenue, Albert Town

Tucked away in the little township of Albert Town is Pembroke Pâtisserie, a pastry lover’s paradise serving up freshly baked treats and top-notch coffee. The cabinet is stocked daily with sweet and savoury treats, including their famous ham and cheese croissants, almond croissants, custard squares and homemade Belgium and Shrewsbury biscuits, among much, much more. The pâtisserie supports other local producers—you will even find Augustines of Central’s apricots in their apricot Danishes. Grab a seat outside in the sun and enjoy an Allpress coffee served with a sweet little meringue on the side, or stock up your lunchbox before heading off on a Wānaka adventure.

Pirate Pickles

What started as a hobby, Pirate Pickles turned into a welcome escape from the corporate grind and eventually the strong foundation of a Central Otago life for Lorne Knight and Cherilyn Walthew. Since establishing an organic vegetable garden in Hāwea in 2010, the pair now produce handmade pickles, chutneys, relishes, jams, preserves and curds that contain ingredients your grandmother would recognise, and nothing else. Fan favourites include a spicy lime chutney (hailed as the tequila slammer of pickles) and a zingy lemon butter. They also offer a range of seasonal fruit and vegetables direct from their garden, as well as seedlings. Order online or head into Mediterranean Market or Hāwea Store & Kitchen to grab something delicious. 

Salad mix from Frog Song Farm.

Frog Song Farm

Pukerangi Drive, Queensberry, Wānaka

Just five minutes out of Wānaka is Frog Song Farm, an organic market garden named after the resident frogs of the farm pond. With an underpinning vision of regeneration and revegetation, the garden is run by Lisa Johnston, Greg Inwood and their family using organic bio-intensive principles—meaning what you eat is nutrient-dense and delicious. Great care is taken for the environment and all products are packaged in reusable or compostable containers. If you want to get a behind-the-scenes look at their beautiful grounds, tours can be taken with Forage & Feast and Beautiful Gardens of Wānaka. To stock up on their delicious produce you can order online, or shop in-store at Freshlink or Organic Wholefoods. And be sure to keep an eye out for their Village Nuts cart, out and about roasting chestnuts during the winter months.

Cardrona Distillery

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2125 Cardrona Valley Road, Wānaka

Nestled into the Cardrona Valley is a special kind of watering hole. Established in 2015, Cardrona Distillery is a single malt distillery creating exquisite spirits with pure alpine water sourced from Mount Cardrona, flavoured with seasonal and locally foraged ingredients. Their range boasts the award-winning The Source Gin, The Cardrona Single Malt Whisky, The Reid Single Malt Vodka and Rose Rabbit Liqueurs (orange, elderflower and butterscotch), so be sure to pop in for an informative tasting and tour and try before you buy. With a restaurant serving up contemporary and seasonal produce and sprawling views across the grounds and down the valley, Cardrona Distillery is certainly worth a visit.

People's Bread

If you’re in need of some daily bread, look no further than People’s Bread. The brainchild of Ruth and Jeremy Heath, People’s Bread focuses on honest and nutritional food with their freshly milled and spray-free 100% whole grain creations that are lovingly made by hand. Their range includes signature loaves such as the multigrain sourdough superloaf and a tasty buckwheat, brown rice and corn loaf. You can sign up for a subscription for Wānaka and Hāwea delivery, and courier is available for other Central Otago areas. If you want to pick up something in store head on into Mediterranean Market, the Hāwea Store & Kitchen or Freshlink Grocer.

Tea from Herbal Culture NZ.

Herbal Culture (NZ)

Herbal Culture (NZ) was built on the basis that every plant has a story. After meeting on a herbal course in Queensberry, owners Ashley and Loran (both with backgrounds in horticulture) combined forces to celebrate and share the power of plants. Based in Wānaka, they create unique blends from plants that can be sustainably homegrown in Wānaka and also foraged in the wild. Their range includes boutique batches of loose-leaf tea, herb salts, herbal tonics and topical plant medicine products. Get in touch with the ladies directly or pick up a treat for yourself or someone else from Freshlink Grocer and iSite. You can also drink their teas at Velo and Dripping Bowl.

Neat Wānaka Places

Freshlink Grocer

The interior of Freshlink Grocer where there is a costumer walking around shopping.
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This whole-food store and knowledge hub has a genuinely wholesome focus on slow food, championing minimal to zero processing and local growers and producers.

Urban Grind

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Place Wānaka
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An all-day neighbourhood eatery that's been providing locals with delicious fare since 2011.

Cork Bar

Brown leather booth seating at Cork, Wānaka.
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The place to go for evening drinks, Cork has an impressive array of wines, beers, fine spirits and cocktails. Served by bartenders who truly do know their stuff, it’s likely you’ll develop an infatuation with this bar very quickly.


The brick and glass exterior of Kamino cafe in Wanaka.
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If you don’t know where Kamino is in the Star Wars galaxy, never fear.