For a township that loves high-energy outdoor pursuits, it pays to keep them going all day long - hence why there’s a thriving number of cafés in Wanaka, it’s to ensure the resident population here doesn’t go un-caffeinated for long. The real pleasure is it’s damn good coffee too; from the quick take away joints operating out of former garages, to the sit and stay a while cafés, Wanaka is home to plenty of spots to rest and recharge. Come holiday season, expect to find all these Wanaka cafes fair bursting at the seams, because everyone here wants in on a bit of the eating and drinking fun.

If it’s good food you’re after, then you’re in luck there too, Wanaka cafés make sure to keep their people fuelled with delicious meals as well as coffee. Settle in for a brunch or lunch or a snack on the go - whichever it is know that it will be served up with a cheery smile and a hearty sense of small town openness. And don’t go thinking that a small population means a dicey quality of food offerings, Wanaka cafés are crisp, modern, top rate establishments where presentation of meals is as important as flavours and price. For a holiday that you’ll remember deep in your taste bud memories for a long time after, make sure to visit plenty of Wanaka cafés while you’re there.