Hamilton’s Best Seats: Top Spots to Relax, Dine and Unwind

Hamilton's vibe is hard to pin down, but impossible to ignore. Emerging suburbs and hidden laneways lined with undiscovered gems paint the picture of a city undergoing an evolving urban transformation.

Words by: Nicola Amy Himan

Photos by: Anna Briggs

At every corner, this unassuming city surprises those who take the time to look beyond the surface. With cosy bars tucked away from the main drag, breathtaking gardens that transport you to another time, and serene river views, there's a bit of everything. Whether you're up for a well-crafted cocktail, keen to uncover your next read, or just want to bask in the sun by the river, we’ve uncovered the best seats in the city for all of the above.

Mr Pickles

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298 Victoria Street, Hamilton Central, Hamilton

Settled down the scenic end of Riverbank Lane you’ll find Mr. Pickles, a true Hamilton gem for those who appreciate the finer side of casual dining. There’s nothing quite like kicking back amid the seamless fusion of casual vibes and stylish ambience with a meticulously crafted cocktail in hand. Those in the know stake out a spot at the high tables lining the lane, a prime spot for people-watching. And as the sun dips, painting the Waikato River with hues of gold, there's no better companion than a 'build-your-own' charcuterie board, bursting with local flavours. Sharing is optional, but enjoyment is guaranteed.

Wonder Horse

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236 Victoria Street, Hamilton Central, Hamilton

Hidden just off Victoria Street, Wonder Horse is one of Hamilton's not-so-secret treasures. As daylight fades, locals in the know convene here, securing those coveted bar seats. Why? To relish in the spectacle of Alex and his team, who, with flair and finesse, craft cocktails that are straight-up good for the soul. The vibes at Wonder Horse? Cosy, dimly lit, and genuinely unpretentious with a good dose of banter. As their legendary vinyl collection fills the two-storey loft with epic beats, there's no better place to unwind with a well-made drink in hand and a hearty serving of good conversation.


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17 Grantham Street, Hamilton Central, Hamilton

In a prime spot overlooking the Waikato River, Gothenburg offers a serene escape right in the heart of Hamilton. Dramatic floor-to-ceiling windows frame the serene landscape, while an intricate design of potted plants and cascading greenery gives diners the feeling of an urban oasis. Whether you're inside, indulging in their diverse tapas infused with global flavours, or opt for a seat outdoors to soak in the tranquil riverside ambience, the view remains unparalleled. There's a distinct rhythm to dining here - the casual chatter, the impeccable service, and a menu that highlights the best of local ingredients and craftsmanship.


Public art on a wall next to the Waikato River in Hamilton.

Victoria on the River

Victoria Street, Hamilton Central

Victoria on the River is a peaceful urban oasis in the bustling heart of Kirikiriroa Hamilton. Overlooking the tranquil expanse of the Waikato River, it's a favoured spot for those looking to bask in the sun on its terrace seating, lunch in hand. The park's design, reminiscent of an amphitheatre, provides layered areas that somehow feel secluded despite the popularity of this public space. The captivating natural backdrop and vibrant street art murals (thanks to Boon Arts) create a perfect space for a rendezvous with friends, a reflective afternoon, or a leisurely riverside lunch. 

Hamilton Gardens

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Hungerford Crescent, Hamilton East, Hamilton

Hamilton Gardens is where history, design, and nature intersect. Explore the meticulous artistry of the Ancient Egypt garden, bask in the symmetrical elegance of the Italian Renaissance, or let the Indian Char Bagh Garden's Taj Mahal-inspired elements captivate you. After an exploratory stroll, take a seat in the tranquil Japanese Garden of Contemplation - a great spot for reflection or mindfulness practice. Designed with intention and precision, every element draws visitors into a state of peaceful introspection. From time-honoured traditions to innovative design, Hamilton Gardens is a vibrant showcase, reminding us that nature and culture, in tandem, create unparalleled beauty.


Browsers Bookshop

Riverbank Lane, 298 Victoria Street, Hamilton Central, Hamilton

Full of cosy nooks and eclectic details, Browsers is the ultimate book lover haven. Tucked away in Riverbank Lane, the shelves brim with curated finds, from local history to global adventures. Staff, avid readers themselves, are always on hand, their knowledge of the store's collection nothing short of impressive. As you browse the vast selection, don't miss the chance to sink into that inviting leather chair, a prime spot where many have uncovered their next favourite read. A unique treasure in Hamilton since '96, Browsers is one of those places where you’ll want to linger all afternoon, and we suggest you do.

Hayes Common

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33 Jellicoe Drive, Hamilton East, Hamilton

Tucked away in the suburbs, Hayes Common is the answer to Hamilton East's call for top-notch brunch spots. With a focus on fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, it's no wonder they've gained a reputation as one of the country's best for breakfast and lunch. The atmosphere balances warmth with style—think spacious family tables juxtaposed against cosy little nooks. Whether you're nestled indoors or catching the vibe alfresco, there are relaxing river views and good vibes aplenty. A dedication to quality and community is evident in every bite and brew at this legendary neighbourhood eatery. If brunching were a sport, they'd be champions.

Nivara Lounge

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266 Victoria Street, Hamilton Central, Hamilton

This underground haven, just a skip from Victoria Street, boasts a retro charm with funky lights and a dance floor to boot. While the stage often sees fresh talent breaking their first note, seasoned musicians also find their groove amidst its loyal patrons. A seat on their comfy sofa offers the perfect vantage point for taking in a night of live music, even better with a craft beer in hand. Known for its warm atmosphere and top-tier acoustics, this isn't just any bar—it's a Hamilton institution for genuine music lovers. A true icon, Nivara Lounge has earned every note of its acclaim.


The Green

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Made Sheds Unit 2/401 Grey Street, Hamilton East, Hamilton

In the heart of Hamilton East lies an intimate epicurean gem: The Green. Chef Karl Martin-Boulton's audacious vision turns dining on its head, inviting you to feast at his Chef’s Table for a front-row view of culinary artistry in motion. This isn't your standard eatery; with only eight seats, the atmosphere buzzes with dinner-party warmth, while tales of each dish’s origin become a centrepoint of the evening's conversation. An ever-evolving six-course degustation celebrates the essence of Waikato in a setting that's both unique and refreshingly genuine. With the intimate dining experience booked out several months in advance - just remember, booking ahead isn't a suggestion—it's essential.

Neat Hamilton Places

Scotts Epicurean

Close up of halloumi salad on a table at Scotts Epicurean.
Place Hamilton
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For a feast full of heart and soul, you’ll want to send Scotts Epicurean to the top of your brunching list.

Zealong Tea Estate

Hand holding tea leaves at Zealong Tea Estate, Hamilton.
Place Hamilton
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A tea estate worth its weight in gold.

Café Kopi

Seating area at Cafe Kopi.
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One thing is for sure—only good things come out of Riverbank Lane. So it’s safe to say when Café Kopi found a home in this community, we were pretty stoked. The vibe of this little caffeine haven is pretty chic, to say the least.

Garden Place Noodle Bar

Two customers at a table in Garden Place Noodle Bar, Hamilton.
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A cheap, cheerful place to grab a bowl of dumplings, steam buns and noodles all made by hand in the kitchen.