We’ve Found 8 Of The Best Chinese Restaurants In Hamilton

Bowl of dumplings in broth from Chinese restaurant in Hamilton.

Consider Friday night feasts for the next eight weeks sorted.

Words by: Jess Willemse

Photography by: Neat Places and Supplied 

Beyond the guidebooks, you might not know that Hamilton is home to a thriving Chinese food scene. With many establishments bringing generations of traditional food expertise to the ‘Tron", we guarantee there’s more than a few hidden gems to discover (and devour).

Whether you’re after a dumpling hit, keen to test the limits with numbing sauce, craving handmade noodles, dreaming of Sichuan-style eats or after a Yum Cha lunch, there’s something to satisfy everyone's tastebuds. Add this article to your bookmarks— here are eight of the best Chinese restaurants in Hamilton.

Dumpling House

44 Bryce Street, Hamilton Central, Hamilton

For hearty, authentic Chinese food, head straight to Dumpling House, a wholesome eatery serving friendly vibes and even better dumplings. After operating for 12 years and opening two venues, this family-run establishment has truly made its mark on the Hamilton food scene. You’ll want to bring the whole crew because it’s definitely a sharing affair. Signature dishes include the crispy pan-fried dumplings, stuffed with the likes of pork and cabbage, chicken and chives or beef and onion.

Garden Place Noodle Bar

21 Worley Place, Hamilton Central, Hamilton

Garden Place Noodle Bar does what it says on the tin—and it doesn’t disappoint. This CBD joint is serving you moody vibes with a dark wooden interior, brought to life by ambient lanterns and traditional crockery. Here you’ll dig into fresh handmade rice noodles served with all the trimmings. Think Lanzhou beef noodles, BBQ pork rib noodles or chicken, seafood or veggie noodles. Alongside the fluffy steamed buns and crispy fried dumplings, there’s plenty to choose from.

The Chilli House

237 Victoria Street, Hamilton Central, Hamilton

It’s hard not to fall in love with The Chilli House when you step through the bright red facade on Victoria Street. Picture inviting booths, a cosy yet colourful interior and a ceiling decked out in dozens of red lanterns—absolute bliss. Their foodie line-up boasts traditional Sichuan street food influenced by seasonal ingredients, so it’s truly one of a kind. Among the plethora of share-plates, you’ll find the likes of warming noodles and soups, hearty braised meats and refreshing plates like the famous Xi'an cold steamed noodles with cucumber.

Sichuan Style Restaurant

24 Collingwood Street, Hamilton

Make tracks to Collingwood Street or Te Rapa Road in Hamilton for a flavour feast like no other. With two eateries serving all your foodie needs, Sichuan Style Restaurant knows a thing or two about authentic, unfussy Chinese food where flavour is king. So it’s no surprise this place is always bustling with regulars—be sure to book if you want a seat. Locals rate the handmade noodle soup with beef brisket, the sizzling eggplant with pork mince and the crispy chicken—drool.

Dragon House Restaurant

North City Road, Rototuna North, Hamilton

You’ll find Dragon House Restaurant tucked away in Rototuna Village in north Hamilton. This new Chinese eatery serves Yum Cha during the day and transforms into a fully licensed restaurant at night. Whether you want to dine in for a special occasion, or grab-and-go, the team here have you covered. If you’re a foodie at heart, pull up for the Yum Cha service and enjoy the bustling atmosphere and loaded trolley of goodies. Alternatively, the menu offers favourites like deep-fried appetisers, Chinese BBQ as well as mouth-watering fresh seafood like blue cod, lobster and crab.

King of Skewers

68 Bryce Street, Hamilton

If you’re looking for a place to take the crew, King of Skewers Hotpot on Bryce Street is our go-to. Whether you know how to handle a hotpot, or are a complete novice, the team here make it easy for you with top-notch service and plenty of fresh ingredients. Here you’ll specifically find Chuan Chuan Xiang, a style of dining that combines both hotpot and skewers for the ultimate mouth-watering moment. Simply pick your broth and sauce, choose a selection of meat, veggie, tofu or seafood skewers and get to dunking in the boiling broth.

Shang Hai Chinese Restaurant

44 Horsham Downs Road, Rototuna, Hamilton

Head for Rototuna and you’ll stumble upon an old favourite, Shang Hai Chinese Restaurant. Boasting simple fare designed for feasting, Shang Hai is where you’ll find us when both our tummy and soul need filling up. Specialising in yes, you guessed it, food influenced from the Shanghai region, there’s plenty of tasty treats to choose from. Favourites include Shanghai-style fried pork buns, steamed and fried dumplings, spring onion pancakes and stir-fried feasts.

Shallow Bakery & Café

120 Alexandra Street, Hamilton

Serving an array of Asian-inspired baked goods, CBD-based Shallow Bakery & Café is sure to impress your sweet tooth. A trip to Shallow is a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds, as the team’s passion for craft and attention to detail comes through with every bite. You’ll find mostly Japanese-inspired goods here, with the occasional Chinese or Korean piece. Expect trendy tastes like dalgona candy, as well as all-time hits like mooncake, crepe cakes, custard tarts and Japanese milk bread. You’ll definitely want to grab a to-go bag.

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