Don’t let anyone go telling you Christchurch bars aren’t the same since the earthquakes… well perhaps they’re partly right, but only in a positive way. If ever there was an example of a city that chose to reinvent it’s nightlife, Christchurch is it. As in all good cities, Christchurch bars are the go-to spot for old mates wanting to catch up over a pint, new dates settling in for a cosy night and groups of young dancers wanting to show off their swagger. Whether you’re here for a night only, or have made Christchurch your home, don’t be content to stick with just one bar for the night, as there are too many great options to experience.

Wandering the city centre is a good way to get a first impression of a city, and come evening time there’s plenty of reason to stay out longer as Christchurch bars put on a show. Watch for where the crowds are and know that the more people look like they are having a good time, the more likely you are to too. Don’t blame us if you wake up with a dusty head the next morning though, Christchurch bars and nightlife can be such a good time that it’s easy to forget when a sensible bedtime is.

Bear in mind though there’s plenty in the suburbs to keep you entertained too. Lyttelton, Sumner, Lincoln and Woolston (to name a few) are all home to some fine establishments that have grown a firm following over the years. Wanting to know where to go while you’re in Christchurch? Head along to one of these local favourites and strike up a conversation with someone at the bar, as they’re sure to know the best spots to camp, tramp, fish, swim, ski and shop.