Long since having ditched the shadow of its older city sibling Auckland, Hamilton hospitality is on a crusade to ensure its city has its own sense of swagger when it comes to treating customers. What better place to start than the café scene, where sleepy students, office workers on the run, and cruisy out-of-towners all migrate to start their morning off with a bang. And if there’s one thing Hamilton cafes sure know how to make, it’s a cup of judderingly-good coffee (not surprising for a city built on doers, makers and big thinkers though).

It helps having some smart cookies about the place roasting their own beans too, meaning if you’re drinking a cup of the good stuff in a Hamilton café, the components of it have likely been produced just down the street.

With plenty of space to create new and exciting ways of eating and drinking, Hamilton cafes are nothing but adventurous when it comes to enticing customers and thinking outside the box to what should appear on the menu. With the perfect number of commuters and locals making this city a buzzing but not overwhelming place, there’s all the more reason to visit and spend a few days getting in as much cafe time as possible, not that you need any encouragement from us - the expertly brewed caffeine, locally made breads and pastries and chipper customer service is a sure way to ensure those who visit Hamilton quickly become very very hooked. Tucked down laneways, tacked on to office buildings, sharing space with retail shops and nestled in the backstreets, Hamilton cafes aren’t confined to just the status quo when it comes to location - seek out those with the sunny outdoor areas and view of the river for the best of Hamilton.