Eating and drinking in the capital is an experience in itself, and restaurants in Wellington play a big part in continuing to make this place a hot spot for tourists and locals alike.

The colour, quirkiness and character of Wellington certainly revolves around people, and when those same people need to eat three times a day, then the restaurant scene quickly becomes very much tied in with how the city presents itself.

Eating out at your favourite place is half the fun, the other half is deciding where to go next time. Much like the social scene hosted by bars in Wellington, restaurants here are plentiful, but each place comes with its own flair and flavour, and we are yet to hear of anyone ever getting bored with what is on offer. From spectacular fine-dining to fish and chips gone modern, to the cheap and cheerful places dotting Cuba Street, Wellington restaurants offer visitors the chance to taste a bit of home as well as cuisines from all over the world. Spanish tapas, Vietnamese spring rolls, Chinese dumplings, Indian curries and French crepes, the global palette finds itself right at home in Wellington, where locals are not afraid to try something different.

A growing trend towards plant-based, vegetarian and vegan diets sees plenty on the menu for those with dietary requirements too, although this city is certainly not without an enthusiastic carnivorous crowd too.

Foodie events throughout the year see the inner city come alive with friendly competition between restaurants, and just as frequently you will see eateries teaming up to bring you collaborations that are lip-lickingly good. Be wowed by the attention to detail that restaurants in Wellington ensure at their establishments, which means you will never feel like you are being treated to the same thing twice.