If ever this city is seen to come to life, it’s evening time when the last of the office workers have made their way to the central city to unwind and enjoy a meal at an Auckland restaurant. Big on variation of price, cuisine and taste, Auckland restaurants truly do cater to all when it comes to dinner time. A melting pot of tastes from over 1.5 million different people, means restaurants in Auckland are inspired by any number of countries and recipes. Try Asian style noodle houses, Spanish style sharing plates, big meat dishes of South American inspiration, or book in for something fancy from the European style restaurants.

When a country has no real ‘staple dish’, it means Kiwis are free to absorb and take on whichever cuisine most suits us individually, so no wonder Auckland is home to both a huge number of takeaway restaurants, fine-dining bistros and everything in between. Meat, vegetarian or vegan, fried, baked or raw, Auckland restaurants leave nothing behind when it comes to impressing customers and making sure those who visit leave well fed and satisfied.