One quick scroll through our list of Christchurch restaurants and you’ll see picking somewhere to eat is going to be no easy task. Christchurch chefs and hospitality staff are at the forefront of a changing and growing city that has put the palates of the people at the top of its ‘must impress’ list. Sitting in for a meal at Christchurch restaurants can be romantic, interactive, lively, serene or simply a food experience like you’ve never had before. Depending on your tastes and eating requirements you may be thinking Christchurch eateries just can’t possibly cater for you, but if there’s one city that’s created its restaurant scene around new types of eaters, Christchurch is it.

A much-welcomed change in the times means Canterbury eateries are no longer content with serving up the classic meat and three vege, and instead offer any range of vegetarian, vegan or boundary-pushing new meals that are designed to get people talking. Vegans and vegetarians are in good hands here, where restaurants have recognised the growing number of empathetic eaters and designed some super tasty options for those who go without animal products.

Wanting somewhere to fit a whole table of fine folks? Christchurch restaurants are nothing short of gracious when it comes to hosting big tables of fun friends, and whether you’re celebrating a birthday, commiserating a loss, or getting together before an event - the waitstaff here will look after you as they would guests in their own home (the bonus here is that food comes to you and you needn’t even get out of your seat).