Visitors and locals in Canterbury will be pleased to hear their eating and drinking needs will be well met thanks to the high number of quality cafes Christchurch has to offer. Many hospitality owners and operators have taken the opportunity to build new businesses at the same time as the city repairs itself post-earthquake, meaning there’s a fresh and upbeat side to the cafes in town these days. From Sumner to Lyttelton and over the hill to the centre city, Christchurch hosts an outstanding collection of roasteries, bakeries, cafes and restaurants that could rival even some of the finest overseas dining options.

Big coffee lovers, Cantabrians also understand the importance of a good cup of espresso, meaning you’re unlikely to find anything sub-par around these parts. Instead Christchurch cafes pride themselves on doing coffee, and doing coffee well, even going so far as to mix it up for the customers with cold brews, drip coffee or latte alternatives. A handful of roasters in the area mean you can try out a local brew in every sense of the word, and often available as wholesale, you can try perfecting it at home yourself too.

A new wave of supporting local means most menus you see at cafes here in Christchurch will likely feature plenty of Cantabrian ingredients also. A solid sense of community and desire to keep growing this young, fresh hospitality scene sees collaborations and businesses combining in a way that wasn’t seen before, and for those lucky enough to dine at these places, that just means tastier food on your plate.

For a hearty brunch to start the day, a coffee on the run, or a place to hold mid-afternoon meetings, Christchurch cafes have all your needs covered. From bustling bright spots popular with inner city workers, to those with a more laid-back and slow paced atmosphere, the café scene here caters to even the most hard-to-impress customers.


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